Applications presentation

The way things work in applications is that every week we have an important speaker giving a lecture in the Cantor Film Center. Our entire class of 19′ is gathered for this presentation. The following week, 2 groups of 5 people will give their interpretation of what they felt was important in last weeks lecture. My group had to present on a dialogue between Kenyatta Cheese and Baratunde Thurston. Although the conversation was going in many directions – they spent much time explaining how they ended up in their current profession and what homes they were coming from. Also, they were talking about the future of technology, the ups and downs of current technological advances and activism.

For our presentation we split the presentation into two major parts. In the first part we presented ourselves and presented a video on our parents. The purpose of this was to see if our childhood homes somehow played a role on what we are doing today at ITP. The other part consisted of an anonymous chat (digital mask) to focus on how people communicate today when they are hidden behind a computer screen. This tends to bring forth topics, sentences and discussions that would never occur person-to-person. Our intention was for the chat to go wherever it did (we expected it to run off track quickly). However we did not expect it to happen at the pace it did. I guess that just proved our point.

The video from our presentation: