Nature of code – Finals Proposal

For a final project there are a couple of things I would like to play around with. My initial thought was to do something with a physics library and explore the possibilities there. I have never had the opportunity to test it and figured this could be a good opportunity. When playing around with the genetic algorithms homework I also found that this could be an interesting topic to explore further.

For my finals proposal I have considered combining the two: physics libraries and genetic algorithms. Inspired by boxcar2d and the openAi gym example “teaching a creature to walk” it would be interesting to have car/element/creature that improves on a task over time.

Ideally I would keep the physics world simple – having a course for a vehicle or creature to follow (planck.js?) (poorly documented)   

I would prefer to stay in javascript, using matter.js. However matter.js doesn’t seem to have the useful motor joint that box2d has.

Is it possible to do this and stay in javascript?

Questions: Having never tried a physics engine – is this too ambitious to do in two weeks?

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