API of you – Design 101, JS and Data

This week we are were going deeper into design – color, font and layout. Also, we had to decide on a dataset to use for the midterm assignment – and structure a json file to contain our data.

First assignment was to create a simple sketch from the data we brought to class last week. I already did a simple data visualization – so this week I decided to spend more time on the preparation for the midterm project.

Here is a visualization of my bike trip to ITP every day (you can read more about it in the previous post).

Dataset for midterm:

I decided that I would try to visualize my blood glucose during the day. As an ITP student you often skip/replace/postpone meals, sleep and exercise. It would be interesting to see how this affects the human organism. When analyzing blood glucose as the primary outcome it is also necessary to collect data on sleep and my lunchtime meal. This will serve as a secondary dataset to support the potential findings as food (and “sleep?”) play an important role for the regulation of glucose levels.

I ordered a glucose testing kit on amazon. The idea is to test  my blood glucose 4 times each day.

  • In the morning (fasting  state)
  • Before my lunch meal
  • Two hours after my lunch meal
  • Before I go to bed.

The time of measurement is based on recommendation from numerous Diabetes webpages. Also I have chosen to do it this way to have some comparable time points. 1. The measurements can be compared to recommended values. 2. The measurements from each day can be compared.

This is what my rough drafts looks like:

The images are a visual setup of the previously described timeline. Also the lower image shows how I plan to visualize the data. Data bars with recommended data on blood glucose on top of a line and my blood glucose data beneath the line – to make a comparable graph.

Also the right side shows another potential graph that could be extracted from the data. Displaying the times at which I eat my “3 big meals” each day.

I set up a json structure to record my data from each day. The structure is shown in the following image:

This structure shows what I intend to record.


-Sleep data

-My lunch meal

-And time, values and self-reported stress for the four measurements each day.

I also intend to try catch some interesting glucose timepoints. Fx. when I have worked for many hours without eating, after exercise and/or when I have eaten something I expect to create a high peak in blood sugar.

I’m not sure that I structured the data in the most efficient way, but at least after some adjustments I was able to access the data  with a for loop. This is what “3 days” looked like in the browser:

I am currently waiting for my glucose testing kit to arrive. From there It will be interesting to see how difficult it is to remember to take notes over the next days to create some useful data to visualize. My goal is to have 4-5 days of data.


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