Animation – Updated AFX video and work in Unity

After effects video:

This week I sat down with Ayal to make some changes to the After effects piece we presented two weeks ago. We received some good feedback and have improved some of the points that were mentioned in class.

These were some of the things that were pointed out:
– Sometimes the duck is moving too slow.
– Make better use of our greenscreen items.
– Add sounds/music.
– When the duck is thinking – try to fit the thoughts into the bubble.
– Get rid of greenscreen mouth we added to the duck (it was weird).

Everything went a lot more smooth this time working in After effects. Especially working with 3d and adjusting the different axes worked really well. We found some sound effects on youtube that we added to the video. Aside from that we speeded up some of the animation that felt really slow. We didn’t have time to add in more greenscreen items although we had a lot of fun with that the first time – however we did try to utilize the ones that we had in a better way. Also we corrected the matte/color on some of the items.

Here is the new updated version of our video:


This week I also spent a lot of time in Unity. I have uploaded a short video of the roll-a-ball tutorial. That tutorial was really helpful and taught me a lot of the unity basics.

I very excited about Unity and want to spend more time learning this software. I went through the Mixamo-Unity tutorial learning how to import a character and have him move on the screen using the keyboard. I did however run into some trouble. I wanted to create a capsule collider around my character, as I believe that is necessary if want to add a rigidbody to your character and don’t want to have him fall through the ground plane. At first this worked really well. He did tip over the first couple of times when I was trying to move him but I found a way to correct that.

This was where he tripped a couple of times – when I was trying to move him forward or backwards

I imported different movements for idle, walk and sideways walk to my character, but when I did that he stopped falling “down” when he reached the edge of my plane? This confused me – and I wasn’t able to find a solution to the problem.

When he reached the white plane-edge I would expect him to fall down – but he just kept going.

I attached the main camera so that it would follow behind him when he walked. Also I wanted to try to import an asset from the online Unity database. I found this bridge that I thought could work well in the scene.

I will def. play around with Unity over the break. Playing around in that program inspires me to try out many different things. However I also found that it sometimes takes a lot of patience and restarts to make your things work – and to get familiar with the c# language.

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